Here at The Mind and Body Health Clinic we offer you caring and professional treatment in our friendly and comfortable clinic

Whether you are suffering from back pain, chronic allergies or anxiety (or one of the many other ailments we treat) we can help you understand and overcome your condition and get you back to health.

We provide the following practices to enable you to get out of pain:



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Liz Morris, BSc Ost Med (Hons), CMIR

Osteopath Acupuncturist


We are a highly respected holistic health team dedicated to promoting good health in body and personal growth in mind and spirit. Our extensively trained complementary therapists are passionate about working with you as a whole person, helping you to rediscover and draw upon your own inner balance and sense of well-being. 


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Conditioners Treated

Back pain
Neck pain/whiplash
Frozen shoulder
Joint/Arthritic pain
Sports injuries
Eczema, asthma and other allergies
Hormonal imbalances
Gynaecological symptoms
Jaw pain
Post-traumatic stress disorder
Addiction problems

All practitioners are qualified to post-graduate level and are members of the applicable governing professional bodies.


What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a recognized, established system of diagnosis and treatment based on the concept that the structure of the body governs its overall function. By addressing accumulated stresses and strains caused by birth trauma, accidents, posture and daily wear and tear, the osteopath may restore the body to a state of equilibrium, therefore helping to facilitate the body’s natural healing processes. 

Through Osteopathic treatment you can achieve a mechanically sound and well balanced body.  This will reduce the risk of future problems and allow you to better withstand wear and tear.

Osteopaths treat people of all ages, including sports people, the elderly, pregnant women, babies and children.  It can help a wide range of patients with conditions including:
Back pain
Neck pain/whiplash
Frozen shoulder
Joint/arthritic pain
Sports injuries
Jaw pain

Osteopath Brighton gets straight to the root of the problem, restores balance and frees you from discomfort so you can get on with everyday life.

Osteopathy was the first complementary health care profession to be accorded statutory regulation in 1993.  Since May 2000, all osteopaths must, by law, be registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC).  The GOsC is now responsible for regulating the profession and maintaining standards of education, proficiency and conduct.

Structural, cranial, visceral and paediatric techniques are used to treat people of all ages from newborns through to the elderly. Whatever the unique requirements of the individual, the osteopath is used to adapting their treatment approach to suit. Usually treatment is relaxing and rarely uncomfortable.

What to expect in the initial treatment

At the initial appointment, you will be asked various questions about your general health and lifestyle and your presenting condition.  This helps to establish a basis for diagnosis and treatment.

You will probably be asked to undress to your underwear for a visual and palpatory (touch) examination.  Some clinical and orthopaedic tests may be carried out and you may be asked to perform a series of simple movements.

Based on the examination findings a treatment plan is then devised and discussed with you.

Initial consultations may last up to one hour and follow-up treatments are usually half an hour in duration.

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Acupuncture is a treatment which can relieve symptoms of some physical and psychological conditions and encourages the patient’s body to heal and repair itself.

Acupuncture stimulates the nerves in skin and muscle, and can produce a variety of effects.  It increases the body’s release of natural painkillers – endorphin and serotonin – in the pain pathways of both the spinal cord and the brain.  This modifies the way pain signals are received.

But acupuncture does much more than reduce pain, and has a beneficial effect on health. Acupuncture Brighton patients often notice an improved sense of well-being after treatment.

Modern research shows that acupuncture can affect most of the body’s systems – the nervous system, muscle tone, hormone outputs, circulation, antibody production and allergic responses.

Acupuncture can be very effective for pain relief for a wide range of musculoskeletal pain, for example – back, shoulder, neck and leg pain.  It can also be used to treat headaches, migraines, trapped nerves, chronic muscle strains, sports injuries and various kinds of arthritis and rheumatic pain.

Chinese Medicine has evolved over the past 3,500 years.  It looks at the body with a wide perspective incorporating physical, emotional and psychological factors into one view of the whole body, also taking into account external factors such as lifestyle and environment.  It then combines all this information to understand the individual pattern of illness in the patient and uses herbs, acupuncture , massage and lifestyle changes to reverse this pattern and bring the patient back to a state of good health.

We practice traditional Chinese medicine in Brighton.

Common Conditions treated:

Skin problems/allergies
Digestive disorders
Hair loss
High blood pressure
Weight problems
Gynaelogical problems


What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is based on the idea that the body has the power to heal itself if given clean air and water, the right food and exercise, and a healthy lifestyle.  Naturopathic treatments aim to restore the body to its natural state of balance

Instead of treating symptoms directly, naturopaths aim to strengthen the body’s natural defences and internal function so the body can bring itself back to health

Therapies include:
Healthy foods, supplementation and detoxification regimes (including fasting where necessary); used to help eliminate toxins from the body and strengthen the immune system

Hydrotherapy (using hot and cold baths, mineral spas and douches), herbal compresses and dry skin brushing; used to stimulate circulation and the lymphatic system

Breathing and relaxation exercises and stretches; used to improve flexibility and promote relaxation

Osteopathic manipulation; used to correct structural misalignment

Massage; used to improve circulation and relax the body and mind


What is Psychotherapy?
Psychotherapy is a way of helping people to overcome emotional, behavioural and relationship difficulties by talking, thinking and sharing feelings with a trained therapist.  The aim is to change destructive patterns into constructive life-enhancing ones.

To provide a safe, non-judgemental environment in which you can express your feelings, fears or anxieties in strict confidence and safety.

Here you can recognise and explore your emotions, thought and physical responses to problem situations.  With professional help you can identify more clearly these problem thoughts, feelings and behaviours and develop new patterns of responses that will give you more successful and satisfying results.
Create within you the power and courage to make better choices, giving you the confidence that you can cope with whatever happens.

Psychotherapy can help with the following:

Anger management
Emotional difficulties
Personal development

What happens within the session?
The first appointment is designed to gain an overview of your difficulties and what you expect from the sessions.  You do not have to discuss anything you do not want.  Anything discussed in the sessions is confidential.  At the end of the first session an action plan will be discussed with the therapist.  A contract agreeing the number, frequency and duration of the sessions will be developed.  The therapist will share responsibility for working with you to resolve issues and problems.

We offer psychotherapy in Brighton.

Sports Injury

Sports Injury

Taking part in active sports and leisure activities helps fitness and improves general health and well being.  There are occasions, however, when these activities can lead to injury and when prompt, expert treatment is needed to return to the fitness routine or workplace as soon as possible. 

Injuries treated:
Muscle tears
Ligament and tendon strains
Shin splints
Golfers or tennis elbow

Our sports injury clinic is manned by runners who understand your specific needs.  We can help with rehabilitation, nutrition and planning for that next goal whether it’s a new fitness regime or the next marathon.


Mind and body treatments at the Mind and Body Health Clinic in Kemptown Brighton, BN2 1GD








At The Mind and Body Health Clinic Brighton we provide the following therapies; osteopathy, acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine and more.


Initial treatment - £45
Follow-on treatment - £40

Initial treatment - £35
Follow-on treatment - £30

per session - £60

Concessions are available for pensioners, students and those on benefits after discussion with the therapist

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