Testimonials and Press Reports

A friend recommended Liz Morris to me about 9 months ago when severe back pain looked like it was going to prevent me from going on holiday.  As a result of her excellent treatment the holiday was saved and I was able to have a wonderful time.

I have continued to see Liz for occasional treatments, now with the emphasis on prevention rather than cure and I am very impressed by the experience and the results.  I feel I can trust Liz because she is highly professional, knowledgeable and always behaves with integrity.  I have no hesitation in recommending her.
Jill Bourner


Liz treated me for a recent, persistent, skin allergy.  After five sessions of acupuncture and a course of Chinese herbal medicine the allergy was completely eliminated.  My thanks to Liz for professional, caring, and most importantly, effective treatment.
Fran Malone


I have been seeing Liz since 2008, and from the very first time she treated me, I have felt safe and supported in her hands.  She combines enormous depth of knowledge with warmth,  kindness and empathy.  Seeing Liz has made a huge difference in helping me understand my body and health better, and find effective ways to cope with and improve what can be a challenging chronic condition.  I trust her completely and would recommend her unreservedly.

Sally Jones



I received treatment from Liz following a bad ankle sprain, the pain was considerably reduced after the first session and she helped me to a speedy recovery.  As the owner of Mint Fitness studio in Kemp Town, we refer any injured clients to Liz regularly and she produces consistently positive results.
Matt Nairn


I have suffered three or four very different neck and back injuries, ranging from acute to dull and long-term.  After each treatment, I have left the practice feeling 100% ‘mended’ and as a consequence feeling much lighter and happier.

I often joke and say to my wife it is like a light bulb being switched on!  I recently completed a 300 mile charity bike ride and I pre-arranged a post-ride treatment knowing with confidence it would instantly make me feel better.  And it did!
Gary Cole